What Critics Are Saying

Ryu“…Alan David shines as the surgeon who is tired of pumping up or reducing teen-age boobs for a living.” – Steve Allen, Stage Door St. Louis

“Alan David gives a lovely and moving performance as Khaled. The impending excesses of an overzealous bureaucracy are measured in his oval eyes — initially warm, eventually not unlike cracked eggshells — until by evening’s end his idealistic best intentions have been eroded and he is reduced to a Rodin-like study of degradation.”- Dennis Brown, RiverFront TimesKhaled

“…understated and believable.” – David Noble Dandridge, The Vital Voice

“…acting honors for the evening go to Alan C. David as Gabriel, a poet whose soul is wrapped up in pretension. He’s plays petulant very well, and his ego, created by O’Neill’s best lines and easily shown off by him, is large enough to play in the Rams’ defensive line.” – Joe Pollack

“Alan David brings a refreshing natural quality…” – Dennis Brown, Riverfront Times

Gabriel“Alan David, I think, stands out especially as the exquisitely villainous Aaron.  Small, slender, agile, terribly focused, and with intense eyes and a wickedly beautiful smile, he is simply perfection in this role.”- Steve Callahan, KDHX

“…consistent and enjoyable.” – Laura Kyro, KDHX

“Alan David’s turn as the black-hearted Moor Aaron is similarly bleak; he’s vile and malevolent, as twisted by hatred and his lusts as (Robert) Mitchell’s Titus is wracked by grief and rage.”- Paul Friswold, RiverFront Times

“…particularly has a great engaging smile…” – Steve Callahan, KDHX

George“(Alan) David’s work is particularly impressive. His eyes are his greatest tool-they can sparkle with intelligence and engagement, become clouded with wariness or fear, and go dead with resignation and removal. At one point in the play, it really is like Khaled has left his body and it all comes from the eyes.”- Andrea Braun, KDHX